Who we are

Owners Benjamin Mishico and Kelly Choo are the husband and wife team that developed Hello! Home Care, bringing together their individual backgrounds in business and healthcare. Ben was a computer programmer in the financial industry and Kelly is a registered nurse.

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Kelly’s Story: I have worked as a registered nurse in many fields, from my early experience in Emergency Room nursing to my most recent work in corporate and occupational health. My 25 years as a Registered Nurse have given me a depth of experience on which I continue to draw daily. But the job that left the most indelible impression on me was my very first job at a skilled nursing facility or “Nursing Home” as they were called back in the 1980’s. At the age of 15, I worked five days a week two hours a day to provide dinner service and oral care for residents of a nursing home in Arcadia, CA. This meant passing out dinner trays, helping residents with their meals, and providing oral care to those that needed help. The three years I spent working in the nursing home served as motivation for me to become a nurse and now, the desire to open Hello! Home Care. I saw first hand the loneliness and isolation that can come from institutional living. Although the majority of patients needed this higher level of skilled care, a significant number were active and alert, mentally and socially. It left me wondering why they were there in the first place. Of course, there are always a variety of factors that play into those major life decisions, but the driving force behind our company, Hello! Home Care, is to help those individuals and their families live a full and productive life, one that contains possibilities.

Ben’s Story: Having worked for some of the biggest banks on Wall Street, I was “successful” by most people’s definition, but personally, I felt unfulfilled and lacked a sense of purpose. After relocating to Southern California for family reasons and to discover new directions, I recognized a need in our new community for a compassionate and competent home care service for individuals who wanted to remain in their own homes but might need some assistance to do so. Having developed this business from conception to reality and having the sense that what I do can make a real difference in the lives of people in my own community gives me great satisfaction. I have a renewed sense of purpose, one that goes far beyond financial rewards. I can see that while my beloved “Nana” is lucky to have family close by that can provide day to day care and companionship, the extended family is changing and evolving, more and more families are living apart and often very far away from each other. I want Hello! Home Care and our caregivers to fill that gap. As the proud owner, I will work to earn your business by making sure you are fully satisfied from the first phone call and all throughout our relationship.

We live with our two young daughters in the San Gabriel Valley. Having relocated from New York City, we are thrilled to be enjoying the Southern California life. We blend an East coast sensibility and practicality with a humanism that is characteristic of the West coast. These characteristics of practicality, empathy, and nurturing are some of the important factors when deciding on home care and your home care provider. We love the city of Pasadena and have chosen it to be our “home” and hope you will contact us when you need our services.