Professional Care YOUR Way

No two people are alike – so naturally, home care services should be highly customized to meet the diverse needs, preferences, and personality types of those we serve. With that in mind, the professional care staff at Hello! Home Care takes time to get to know each senior, and what’s important to that individual.

Rather than coming in and “taking over,” we partner with families, sharing the care journey together according to each senior’s desired schedule and routine. Breakfast at 8, followed by a shower and trip to the grocery store every Monday? A standing salon appointment on Thursday afternoons? Using particular cleaning products and ironing linens a certain way? No problem!

Beginning with an in-home assessment by one of our registered nurses to develop an appropriate plan of care, our services can include any or all of the following:

  • Assist with activities of daily living (ADLs): These are the essential functions that start and end the day. They can include bathing, oral care, and hair care along with toileting and dressing/undressing.
  • Medication reminder and queues: Although we are not licensed to administer medications, we can provide reminders at the appropriate times to ensure seniors take medications as prescribed and watch for any unwanted or even dangerous side effects.
  • Meal planning and preparation: This can include healthy meal planning, grocery shopping, and preparation of meals, as well as feeding assistance when required. We’ll even clean up the kitchen and dining room afterwards!
  • Light housekeeping: Our “tidying up” services include chores such as laundry, making the bed, cleaning out the refrigerator, and putting away groceries. We can also make recommendations for services such as moving services, yard work, or home repairs.
  • Ambulation and transferring assistance: This can include walks outside for exercise and fresh air, as well as safe transferring from a bed to a chair and back.
  • Transportation/Errands: We can provide transportation to doctor visits, the bank, post office, hair or nail salon, the library or local senior center to visit with friends – wherever and whenever a senior would like to go – as well as run errands as requested.
  • Companionship: Our friendly caregivers are always on hand to engage in conversation, read aloud from a newspaper or books, participate in exercise programs, play cards and board games, enjoy hobbies and pastimes together, and more, according to each person’s interests.

Take the first step towards a brighter tomorrow for a senior you love. Contact our in-home care professionals to request your complimentary in-home assessment today!