What a wonderful “Godsend” Hello! Home Care has been to us. The individual care providers from this agency, who have cared for my wife Kim, a person with Alzheimer`s Disease, reflect the same high level ideals of the agency`s owners/management. Foremost of these ideals is a genuine compassionate caring for not only the patient but also for all the family members of the patient. Flexibility and creativity are also wonderful attributes of Hello! Home Care`s management and individual care providers, i.e providing extra coverage on a last minute “on-needs-basis”; anticipating and providing specialized services that are tailor-made to Kim`s interests of “the moment”, and of most importance– recognizing and encouraging Kim`s abilities to be as independent as possible in her own home—(what wonderful caring, understanding and patience).  For almost two years (before we discovered Hello! Home Care) we used an independent care provider to care for Kim which meant being saddled with a burden of paperwork for the long-term care insurance company, finding last minute coverage when the care provider was absent, assuming risks and tax responsibilities. What a wonderful relief to have others taking on those time consuming chores— so again we extend our gratefulness to Ben, Kelly, Jenelle and most of all –our “extended family members”–our care providers– Starrla, Gabby, and Angie.    

Kim & Andy  – Pasadena, CA

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone at Hello! Home Care who was involved in the care of my Mom.  I doubt I have the words to adequately convey my appreciation for all the owners and staff did.  It’s hard enough to find skilled providers, let alone someone who can come into your home and gain your respect and trust.  Kelly, one of the owners and a RN, was at Mom’s house regularly reviewing information on Mom’s care, treatments and progress and explaining it to me so it all made some sense.  Ben, the other owner, also came by to ensure Mom was getting the best possible care.  The Caregivers were skilled, compassionate and caring and Mom liked them all.  In addition to their home healthcare duties, they helped with her physical therapy, they fed the birds and they watched reruns on the Hallmark Channel with her.   Perhaps more then anything, they gave her hope.     

On a personal note, I’m a person who must evaluate everything.  I reviewed a litany of providers before selecting Hello! Home Care because they stood out far above the rest.  They exceeded our expectations and I highly recommend them.   

Thank you again,

Paul S  – Canoga Park, CA

My 80 year old mother suffered a stroke and needed home health care.  Finding Hello! Home Care was one of the positive things that came out of a stressful situation.    Jenelle in the front office was so responsive in returning my calls/emails and helping me find the perfect caregiver for my Mom.  Each time I needed to schedule the caregiver or if I had a question, Jenelle was there to assist.  She was upbeat and always got back to me in a timely manner.   

The caregiver, Windy that was assigned to my Mom was also wonderful.  Windy helped my Mom with her daily routines as well as her exercises and she was very attentive.  She was always on time, reliable and she was kind in her care giving.  I could see she wanted to do the best job possible.  

Ben and Kelly, owners of Hello! Home Care have built a company that encompasses a “human element” with the business of home health care.  In my dealings with Hello! Home Care, I felt the compassion in the way the company is run, that it was more than just providing a service.  It was also about giving a patient the dignity and compassion needed to live a comfortable life with the assistance of a caregiver.  

Thank you Hello! Home Care for everything!  

Vicky L. – Palos Verdes Estates, CA

Kelly and Ben…What started out as a business relationship, ended up being a wonderful friendship with you, Kelly. Lisa and I feel we have a new friend in you.  You and your caregivers came into our lives right after our Dad passed and Mom’s health declined. All your caregivers were FABULOUS! Both Lisa and I felt comfortable and confident while Mom was in their care.  You helped make Mom comfortable and took great care of her, but mostly, you CARED. We don’t know if you make house visits often to your other clients, but you became a familiar face around our house. We loved it!

Kelly, thank you, thank you for all your support, love, friendship and generosity through these past months. You really helped Lisa and I through the 2nd hardest time in our lives and we truly appreciate it.

Lisa K and Kim N  – Monterey Park, CA

Looking for care for my parents was as scary as looking for infant care 25 years ago.  There are so many questions and varying needs…and then the TRUST issue.  As an engineer who wanted only the best, and needed flexibility for my parents, I researched six (6) different agencies all recommended by hospice services.  I called on Saturday afternoon to be sure I could reach someone on off hours, and had a very pleasant and informative conversation with Ben.  His wife, Kelly, and he run the small but well resourced agency in Pasadena.  The great thing about using them was that we had immediate access to a nurse to help us with our needs.  Kelly wrote up a care plan for us, and was so helpful in ways beyond description.  When my mom is ready for care, I won’t even research again.  I’ll just call Kelly & Ben at Hello! Home Care.

As a referral beyond the compassionate staff, I recommend Hello! Home Care for:
– phone check in – in case the caregiver is unexpectedly delayed, office is notified and client is called to inform them of the situation.  Alternate staff is substituted if appropriate.
– flexibility in use.  We could change the times we needed care depending on our needs.
– detailed screening and training of caregivers to include National criminal check.
– access to a nurse to help provide direction to caregivers, and clients.  Can fill pill boxes etc.
– 24/7 access for assistance.
– Sufficiently large pool of caregiving staff to pull from.
– Caregivers are employed by Hello! Home Care, not contractors.
– almost immediate caregiver placement with open options to make requests.
– Dedicated compassionate staff was easy to talk to and knew their business.
– Very reasonable price, and no long term commitment of use.
Jody F, P.E. – Pasadena, CA

I wanted to thank you for everything your group has done & would like you to use me as a reference. When my stepfather died and we needed someone in my mom’s home with her, your company came highly recommended and I can see why. The price was quite reasonable as charges for these services go, and getting her set up was very simple. The caregivers were always professional in handling her breathing treatments and with her other needs, and were great about getting her to appointments and on errands. They were patient with her using her walker and they allowed her to keep her sense of autonomy for the months that we searched for an assisted living facility that she liked. Most of all I appreciate the friendship that they provided in helping her through hard days. Living an hour away from her, I can’t tell you how much it meant to me that they listened to her and cared for her when I couldn’t be there. Even on the (numerous) days when she was crabby and depressed, they kept their cool. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the peace of mind I had knowing that she had someone there who cared about her like your ladies did.
Thanks again,
Debbie A – Arcadia, CA

Kelly thank you so much for your help and that of all the caregivers. I don’t know what we would have done without them. You guys made my life and my Mom’s last days much much easier.
Lisa F – Pasadena, CA